Born in Yorkshire;  and running her own store in Scarborough.

Although Andrea’s work lends itself to a broad style of product in the home wares industry, she specialised in Handmade cards. Andrea made the leap into being published when Creatives Inc. walked into her shop and said ‘we want all of these’.

A recent interview for progressive Greetings magazine she voices her inspiration; “I decided to create a very British look within my work because, I am proud to be British. In these hard economic times, people are   looking more towards all things British Lighthouse-copy including seaside holidays. Living in Scarborough, I know first hand what the British seaside has to offer, creating wonderful times and great memories, and I wanted to reflect this in my designs.

I captured my images for my nautical ranges through colour, focusing on red white and blue. In my eyes a typical British image is buckets and spades, sandcastles with a mini union jack flying on top, ice creams, lighthouses and beach huts.

We have fantastic multicoloured beach huts here in Scarborough which add instant colour to our beach! I also worked for my parents for 15 years on their farm so I have a love and feel for the country which is also influences my work. Working at the shop constantly inspires me and enables me to keep on top of the current trends and keep my ideas for new ranges flowing!