Based in Manchester, England since graduating from The University of Central Lancashire. I live with my partner of eleven years and our mischievous Italian Greyhound puppy just outside of the City Centre.

My passion (and the reason for my continued sanity) is the creation of surface pattern and decorative imagery for interiors, greetings, gift-wrap, textiles etc.

Art, history and culture fascinate me and I’ve been lucky enough to experience some of the wonders of Egypt, India, Pakistan, Jordan and Israel so far; but closer to home, my favourite places have to be the V&A and the British Museum.
Blogs provide me with a daily dose of art, archaeology, interiors, style, fashion, colour and pattern from around the world; but when I want to escape, I love to wind down with a sci-fi fantasy novel! When I am not doodling, scanning, designing, surfing or reading; I try to maintain a semblance of a social life planned around my energetic puppy who truly believes that he is the centre of the universe!

My inspiration is working in a variety of mediums, including collage, oil-pastel, watercolour and CAD, I find constant inspiration in ephemera, flowers and foliage; and in Islamic pattern, art and architecture. However, my designs arise from diverse sources such as caterpillars and beetles; shells and sea-life; pollen and seed heads.

A process of observation, manipulation and repetition is fundamental to my design, and provides a strong basis for my compositions. My work focuses on the layering and fusion of elements within a defined space – experimenting with scale, colour, and embellishment. Often stylised and always individual, my work is concerned with the bold flat nature of pattern, with a crucial awareness for our surroundings.

I produce open edition prints, canvas wall art and handmade greeting cards. Designs fall into three distinct ranges – floral, organic and graphic – and range from small scale mounted prints to 6’ printed canvas wall art. My repeat patterns are a labour of love, and there is nothing more rewarding than exploring the infinite variety of pattern and repetition of form  I have also produced a series of porcelain vessels suspended on aluminium stilts, ranges of tea-ware and a series of collage and oil pastel artworks which were later developed for tableware.