Curently working in London as a graphic designer/illustrator.

Emma’s Outlook: I like veggie sushi, Russian dolls, samurai types, olives (esp the black ones), hot spicy foods, the smell of tar, old cars, flossing, my hands, tattoos, teapots, daydreaming, impulsiveness, felt, escaping London, snow, my own company, potato cakes, cheese and beans, jelly belly beans, mountains, Austria, imagination, kitsch and kawaii, milky tea, Japanese craziness.

I dislike prune like fingers, most of my neighbors, aubergines, the smell of bleach, rude people, the colour orange, licorice, my feet (especially my toes), The Beatles (yep I said it), long finger nails on men (gross), the touch of uncoated wood, Gill sans, Ikea, people who eat with their mouths open (unless it’s necessary), film on top of my tea, snakes and worms, sweet and sour anything (just wrong), open doors, dripping taps, dirty brown sauce bottles in cafes, cracking eggs, blue cheese touching non blue cheese on a plate, London water, lavender scented anything.

Previous clients/projects have included Yahoo, Corbis, Elle, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ben and Jerry’s, Velcro and Brownbook magazine.

[N.B. We strongly agree with the dislike of Beatles at Creatives Inc]