Born in Lincoln in 1973. Currently living in the Creative County – Staffordshire.

Attended Lincoln Art College, and the University Of Central Lancashire.

“During my period at Art College, I learn’t a crucial lesson that ‘art and design’ is about freedom of expression, don’t be afraid to branch out into the unknown, there are no rules… it’s simply finding an area within this field that you feel most comfortable.

The years of studying finally ceased and with time I had digested crucial experience in design studios. In 2006 a quick forward march into freelance design, I continue to put my heart and soul into all client projects and allocate time for ‘hot ice’ [Jane’s company] development where ‘The Honest Peacock’ and ‘Words of Encouragement’ were created. Jane has also worked on many high street collections.

I cannot express how rewarding it is working for yourself, especially in this field – to be given the freedom of expression, to make your own choices, to continue learning and being aware of the forever changing trends that never fail to inspire, but most of all I never stop believing in this gift and always prepared to burn the midnight oil!”