Hi, my name is Mat.  I’m an illustrator and designer from the UK working in the realms of vector illustration, photo montage/manipulation and mixed media.  My work is influenced by contemporary graffiti and lowbrow art along with many things from the natural world.

I would define my work as mixed media since I use a great variety of techniques to bring the final image together. These include sketches both in graphite and ink, watercolour studies, photographic elements, digital painting and vector artwork.

Subject matter covers nature quite heavily, whilst adding surreal, off-beat and fluid elements. I enjoy using vibrant colour palettes but can also work in softer tones as well.

I have always wanted to be an ‘artist’ of some description ever since I discovered that I was fairly good at drawing. After attending The University of Huddersfield studying Creative Imaging I’m now very focussed on making a living from doing what I love and enjoy!  I have been featured in Digital Arts Magazine as one of the ‘Best young UK Illustrators 2009’.

With a relatively young career in the creative industries, my aim is to keep on working with new people on highly creative projects.  I think my work translates well as album artwork, book covers and illustration, apparel, greetings cards, editorial, promotional material and much much more.