Dont PanicIn order for us to get  the best out of your collection, here is a basic outline of how you can make our clients stop & take notice!

Think about what it is that will make your designs sell.

1: Be prepared to wear 2 hats…one for your artistic output, and one for commercial purposes. Try not to send us just a link to your website, often, artwork is dispersed over many pages and it is difficult to make an initial assessment. If your website is split into specific areas – direct us to what you would like us to look at.

2: Group designs in batches of 6 with a common thread if possible – this gives us a good idea if a collection can be created whether it be Greetings cards, clothing etc…If its a 2 or 3D design and not a digitally created image,  good close up photographs are a must.

3:  Send us low-res jpegs for the website porfolio – max 800px wide.  Include  a 950 x 500 px image f your link into your porfolio. Pick your brightest or most commercial image.

4: You can also send an A4 PDF with your designs already laid out. If we need to print anything out for a portfolio or for a sample, we will ask for a hi-res image [300 dpi].

5: A brief biography about yourself – let us know what your influences are, make it fun or serious. We want to getyour message across.

We want to work with you in a transparent manner – so we have created a basic agreement in advance of any work being used or requested etc

1 Creatives Inc is seeking use of a series of designs created by the Artist with a view to promote the artist  through
·         Trade Shows
·         Online presence
·         Physical Portfolios

2 The publisher can use agreed designs within promotion for Creatives Inc artists. [Adverts, leaflets, catalogues & online].

3 The Artists name will at all times be attributed to any samples created, and any portfolio copies sent to potential clients.

4 The Artist reserves the copyright to all works used by the publisher, including all reproduction rights.

5 No work may be reproduced for sale by Creatives Inc without the prior written approval of Artist.

6 The Artist has the right at any time to retract designs from use by Creatives Inc before any commissions have been agreed.

7 Any commissions for artwork in the UK made directly through Creatives Inc must be agreed with the artist and financial remittance agreed in advance.

8 Any designs commissioned by a third party through Creatives Inc for use on apparel, accessories, stationery & other goods will be exclusive for use in the UK for a period of 36 months. Worldwide rights will be negotiated further by both artist, Creatives Inc and the buyer.

9 Acknowledge & Agreement to these terms can be made via email, or a written & signed copy by both parties can be sent on request.
We aren’t hard taskmasters,  we want to support your entry into the world of commerce, so here are some words of advice!

Always put a Copyright disclaimer on your website or whenever you submit designs to publishers.  Also take advice on what happens to your copyright when you sell artwork on…I found this US article fairly relevent even for the UK. We at Creatives Inc will always try to ensure you keep your copyright where possble.

Join a relevant association like the Association of illustrators etc. And especially LinkedIn – they have lots of groups you can join and ask stupid questions without being laughed at! I learn something everyday from my peers there. Its not just for fusty old business people like me. I have met some key people through it.

Make sure your portfolio if you are a new graduate is up on the Artsthread website – a lot of business use this site to search out talent.