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Creatives Inc exhibited at the Greetings Card tradeshow ‘Progressive Greetings Live’ this week at the Business Design Centre, London to showcase  talent both published and unpublished by artists & illustrators from the Creatives Inc collective.

We were in the well received new licensing section DIAL [Design, Image & Art Licensing], where we got to make new & also renew aquaintances, got great feedback on the artwork showing, and new clients for the published ranges. Our little corner of the show did stand out a bit, given we put all sorts of product out there [no one else did..but when did we ever follow protocol?]. You certainly couldn’t miss us anyway.

Images by Rebecca Marshall, Ashley Percival & Ryan Robinson stood out, and  there was good news for some of the other illustrators too. We look forward to taking these designers in to a new direction and see them published, in what is still a very difficult market.

In spite of the swamp condidtions [it was very hot], we survived long enough to enjoy the iced champagne on offer at the end of Day 1, and managed to drag ourselves to the Drinks party held for all exhibitors & visitors. Hard work, but someone’s gotta do it!




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New Designers 2011: Showcasing the very best in graduate design

Just A Note by Laurie Woodruff

This image by Laurie Woodruff caught our eye at the New Designers show in 2008...and lead to an award nominated card range in 2009

New Designers @ The Business Design Centre London

Part 1: 29 June – 2 July 2011 – Textiles, Fashion & Accessories, Contemporary Applied Arts, Ceramics & Glass, Jewellery & Precious Metalwork, One Year On

Part 2: 6 July – 9 July 2011 – Product Design, Furniture Design, Visual Communications (including Graphic Design & Illustration), Spatial Design, One Year On

Wednesday 29 June & 6 July – Awards Preview Evenings sponsored by Absolut Vodka. Book here

We support New Designers and look forward to working with some of the fantastic talent that British Universities have to offer. It’s a tough world out there, and Creatives Inc hopes to enable opportunities  between Artists & Business.

The world has become a much more savvy place in realising that image is everything and marketing must involve good design and good ideas.

Not many of us end up doing what we really want to do, but this place really does pave the way for some of those looking to start their career in design.

Creatives Inc are great supporters of ARTSTHREAD, who are a partner in this years event.  They work tirelessly to bring the world of careers right to design graduates door. And soon, it wont just be the UK looking at Artsthread, its set to become a worldwide network. This means the doors are open for international business to pick up on great British design. We are the leaders in our field and Artsthread never waste an opportunity to spearhead our pool of creativity.

They will be repeating this years sellout success again with ‘V&A connects…‘, a series of inter-active, evening events organised by, and for professionals working in the creative industries. With a strong emphasis on industry-led content and audience participation, this series represents an innovative way of re-charging creative batteries, sharing new ideas, and making contact with new people.

Come & see us at the show!

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New Collections for 2011

Can’t quite find the design you want for your company or stores? Creatives Inc work with UK & Worldwide distributors of Greetings cards & Stationery to bring you your own personalised brand. We do all the dirty work… sit back and wait for the results.

Our current collection can be changed to fit your language, or our network of illustrators can provide an exclusive range of designs that will fit your store requirements. We project manage your requirements from start to finish.

Creatives Inc. also understand competition, so if you are launching a new collection and  ‘mums the word’, we are the masters of discretion. You choose who gets to hear of your new collection. That’s why you wont see any work by our clients on here.

Contact us:

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