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Creatives Inc. was founded in 2007. Our first products were for the stationery industry, and have worked with artists from across the UK, US and Central Europe. The company has been very fluid, and mostly based in London….although with an addiction to sunshine, I have to pop out to California & Italy now and again for inspiration…you know how it is…

The designs you see on our website are just a small percentage of works published and work available.

We are also interested in working fashion, retail and product design, publishing and designing bespoke ranges for retail organisations. Today’s retail world is a difficult one, and the pressure to create beautiful & individual product is a key to success in today’s market, as well as managing cost and quality.

Creatives Inc. can help.

We strive to operate within ethical guidelines where both Designers, Publishers & Retailers all benefit. These rules can work very well for both client and artist. We dont live on fresh air and not giving Creatives Inc credit means we are restricted on who we bring to the table and how we can plan projects.

I am also discreet; you wont see our name bandied about the High Street [unless you want to sing our praises of course]. Its not about us. We’re all about getting the product out there, getting you the best return possible.

If required, I can project manage your printing requirements from start to finish. The design, layouts, bar-codes, packaging & delivery. Or we can just research & sell you some stunning designs for stationery, t shirts & textiles on behalf of our wonderful designer colleagues.

Where possible we will always try to base any production in the UK, and source products from sustainable sources.  Manufacturing in Great Britain needs our support, small print runs are more accessible and can still be cost effective depending on your budget.

We are always looking at the bigger picture, and we learn something new everyday, which is why Creatives Inc. won the ‘Best New Business’ award for the Thames gateway region in 2008. In 2009 we were nominated for a Henry award – the equivalent of an Oscar in the card industry [there are over 16,000 entries].

If you would like to discuss your challenges with friendly, like minded creative then either fill in our contact form, or contact me on the number or email below.

And needless to say, all work on this website belongs to Creatives Inc and has full copyright. No reproduction without consent.

T: 079610071947

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